Thursday, April 8, 2010

Susan Howe's Emily Dickinson

Reading diagram 1.

Susan Howe's My Emily Dickinson is a rebellious and engaging bridge between author and reader.

One shouldn't call this a Biography. It is more of an extended question to a voice that only exists in pages and pages stuffed in drawers, never to be seen. This book is a longing in the deepest sense. Howe's Dickinson is found through investigating time, place, people - in particular Johnathan Edwards.

This work (both the work of writing and of reading) is a building of bridges. A place to dwell between, as one sits over the stream before crossing to the other side. Ownership is lost to the reader. This is Susan Howe's Emily Dickinson -- not my own, but I draw nearer to both Howe and her Dickinson.

Anyways... a book I would recommend to anyone interested in this reader/writer relationship.

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