Tuesday, March 30, 2010

People I am thankful for:

as of now at the top of the list is jacob deraadt.... honesty in a line.

'til next time


oh wait. i know you haven't been listening to sterile gardens.... and i have to tell you... I'm not mad. I'm just disappointed. shame. i'm watching and waiting and judging. always.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Forrest Gander ... briefly

So lucky ol' me was able to coerce a few words out of Forrest Gander for this young but hopeful blog.

For those of you who do not know who I am talking about, I will give a brief and insufficient intro to Forrest. First off.... he's got a name to envy. He's also teaching at Brown University. What does he teach? Things surrounding poetics.... He has done many a translations of contemporary latino poets and is a featured contributor in the Spring issue of Phoebe.

Not only is Forrest a great poet (check out my favorite, Eye Against Eye) but he also once studied geology. I think its evident in his work... see for yourself. He also is quite the photographer.

Here's what he had to say:

Grant Souders: So how much does your background in science creep into your poetics? are you still part of any kind of scientific community?

Forrest Gander: I still read hard science, but I'm distant from the community. I'm an onlooker.
I've certainly lost my expertise, whatever that ever was, and don't pretend otherwise. But I'm
interested and attentive and have a background that helps orient me.
Almost all of us here at Brown are into inter-disciplinary adventures. Whatever
it takes to feed the tree.

G: Do you see an important relationship between the written arts and visual arts? I know the dialogue plays an important role in some of your poems in Eye Against Eye.

F: I think it's clear that poetry and the visual arts are buddying up to make beautiful friendships. Zachary Schomburg and Joshua Marie
Wilkinson are both doing exemplary work that way. John Cayley. Gozo Yoshimasu.
Plenty of others.

Well I told you it was brief, but insightful I hope.

Be sure to comment if you are interested in hearing more about Forrest Gander.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sluggish but not asleep forever this living thing

Well Fort Collins has welcomed me back into town with excessive amounts of mental and physical labor. Where is Spring? -- I ask, am asking. We're returning to some sort of ice age I'm told. Our children have so much to look forward to... and for some reason I'm already feeling like an old man.

Well, enough whining... I've got bootstraps afterall...

still after Horatio Algers, Jr.?????

Soooooo back to business right? The first issue is looking like a prime piece of photocopied wonder. Here is the line-up for LITTERULL issue 1:

Art by Josh House
Poems by Lincoln Greenhaw
Naked eye astronomical observations by Eric Woolsey

well that's all for now, but wait its not:

MFA Thesis Exhibition at the University Art Museum (inside old fort collins high school) is opening this friday evening. GO if you can. Maybe i'll take some photos for those who can't.


Monday, March 15, 2010

I really do want to build a building one day.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Jacob DeRaadt

Jacob is a masterful collage artist... and his noise tapes are terrifyingly awesome also.

Check out his project, Sterile Gardens right now. or so help me.


If I only had a brain...

Doodle of Hilter with his brain on a string.

He didn't sin, it was only his brain.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring... some ode

Well I am off to beautiful Austin, Texas for a week and cannot wait. Bicycle and swim all week... not much else you could ask for. I plan on reading Oppen's Letters over the break, and maybe finding a field of grass to lie into.

And on top of that punctuated sensory praise, several of my dear friends will be playing at SXSW in my home town. Expect Photographs!!!!

I am probably most excited about Candy Claws... absolutely ethereal. It is like being in the ocean's mouth.

As far as the first issue...
-chaos reigns
-the dream afterward
-Rumors of art work

'till next time folks!


Thursday, March 11, 2010

So here we have the cover art for the first issue of LITTERULL arts and literature. The full issue should be out for distribution in mid April and it is FREEEEEEEEE. If you are interested in helping distribute or have any questions shoot me a message in the dome-piece. uhhggggg.
That one was for my man Lil' Wweeeezzzzeeeee

remember that your input is invaluable... meaning valuable in the most unmeasurable sense

And comment on these posts. automatic writing and the absurd are always welcome..

the sun like a disc or it is a disc
a realm of the true
everything that we ever wanted breathing light
lightly on the table where we sit
we sit to eat breakfast and think of corners of rooms
the solitude we built
or that I built and now see in you

but you the anonymous you
are you going to buy this

I mean really the whole thing
the yard you lay in
sunned and glorified a classical imitation

and the jets tearing a line in sky
some page undone

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The immaculate conceptions

LITTERULL zine has just been birthed and is already showing some promising signs. What the future holds is up to how many people are interested in feeding it with their severed limbs and overactive tongues.

It is hungry and indiscriminate so SUBMIT for its first right of passage....

that's to say VOLUME I : issue i is now accepting submissions, solicitations, suggestions, hate mail, junk mail, email, paraphernalia, etc...

Here's how it works-->

If you are interested in submitting send a jpeg or pdf or word attachment to litterullzine@gmail.com with a good return email address (something you frequently check).

This collection is based in depth rather then breadth, that being said, each issue will feature only a few artists/writers/journalists/eccentrics for each issue.

This means you should be submitting multiple things if you are interested in the project. Feel free to email suggestions and ideas for the project as it is communal.

We will email people back letting you know what issue you will be appearing in as soon as we know.

We plan on coming out with issues as frequently as possible so if you do not get into this issue, you might be in a later one...

You retain all copyrights to your submissions and everything is non-profit.