Monday, March 29, 2010

Forrest Gander ... briefly

So lucky ol' me was able to coerce a few words out of Forrest Gander for this young but hopeful blog.

For those of you who do not know who I am talking about, I will give a brief and insufficient intro to Forrest. First off.... he's got a name to envy. He's also teaching at Brown University. What does he teach? Things surrounding poetics.... He has done many a translations of contemporary latino poets and is a featured contributor in the Spring issue of Phoebe.

Not only is Forrest a great poet (check out my favorite, Eye Against Eye) but he also once studied geology. I think its evident in his work... see for yourself. He also is quite the photographer.

Here's what he had to say:

Grant Souders: So how much does your background in science creep into your poetics? are you still part of any kind of scientific community?

Forrest Gander: I still read hard science, but I'm distant from the community. I'm an onlooker.
I've certainly lost my expertise, whatever that ever was, and don't pretend otherwise. But I'm
interested and attentive and have a background that helps orient me.
Almost all of us here at Brown are into inter-disciplinary adventures. Whatever
it takes to feed the tree.

G: Do you see an important relationship between the written arts and visual arts? I know the dialogue plays an important role in some of your poems in Eye Against Eye.

F: I think it's clear that poetry and the visual arts are buddying up to make beautiful friendships. Zachary Schomburg and Joshua Marie
Wilkinson are both doing exemplary work that way. John Cayley. Gozo Yoshimasu.
Plenty of others.

Well I told you it was brief, but insightful I hope.

Be sure to comment if you are interested in hearing more about Forrest Gander.


  1. Zachary Schomburg's poem films are really awesome.

  2. Well done here Grant. It is another great facet to this project. Tell me sometime how you arranged the interview.