Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sluggish but not asleep forever this living thing

Well Fort Collins has welcomed me back into town with excessive amounts of mental and physical labor. Where is Spring? -- I ask, am asking. We're returning to some sort of ice age I'm told. Our children have so much to look forward to... and for some reason I'm already feeling like an old man.

Well, enough whining... I've got bootstraps afterall...

still after Horatio Algers, Jr.?????

Soooooo back to business right? The first issue is looking like a prime piece of photocopied wonder. Here is the line-up for LITTERULL issue 1:

Art by Josh House
Poems by Lincoln Greenhaw
Naked eye astronomical observations by Eric Woolsey

well that's all for now, but wait its not:

MFA Thesis Exhibition at the University Art Museum (inside old fort collins high school) is opening this friday evening. GO if you can. Maybe i'll take some photos for those who can't.


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