Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The immaculate conceptions

LITTERULL zine has just been birthed and is already showing some promising signs. What the future holds is up to how many people are interested in feeding it with their severed limbs and overactive tongues.

It is hungry and indiscriminate so SUBMIT for its first right of passage....

that's to say VOLUME I : issue i is now accepting submissions, solicitations, suggestions, hate mail, junk mail, email, paraphernalia, etc...

Here's how it works-->

If you are interested in submitting send a jpeg or pdf or word attachment to litterullzine@gmail.com with a good return email address (something you frequently check).

This collection is based in depth rather then breadth, that being said, each issue will feature only a few artists/writers/journalists/eccentrics for each issue.

This means you should be submitting multiple things if you are interested in the project. Feel free to email suggestions and ideas for the project as it is communal.

We will email people back letting you know what issue you will be appearing in as soon as we know.

We plan on coming out with issues as frequently as possible so if you do not get into this issue, you might be in a later one...

You retain all copyrights to your submissions and everything is non-profit.

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